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ONE Shipping, Lda.

Container shipping is a fascinating industry. Almost everything you can buy in a shop or store, whether it is fruit, car parts, clothing, toys, audio equipment or Christmas decorations, has probably been shipped in a container. Seasons, economies, politics and demography all have an impact on the cargo that is being transported.

Shipping agents are responsible for the organisation of the transport of all sorts of goods by sea, across the globe. While this is not always an easy task it is certainly an exciting one!
Due to our size and global presence Ocean Network Express offers the ideal environment to launch your career and further development in shipping.

ONE is able to create opportunities for personal and professional growth thanks to the variety of roles as well as its presence in various geographical regions not only within Europe but also globally.

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Cursos: Assessoria e Tradução, Comércio Internacional, Comunicação Empresarial, Marketing, Gestão das Organizações, Logística
Tipo: Estágio remunerado
Habilitações: Estudante
Local: Internacional

Are you a school / college graduate looking to continue your education while at the same time start your career in the shipping business? The ONE 2-year SAIL program will allow you to explore both options at the same time. Being in the shipping / container business we have designed the program like a container ship with shipping courses providing the foundation of theoretical knowledge (= the vessel) and equipped with modules of practical training and assignments (= the containers).

Theoretical Training
Various courses and workshops related to shipping will be part of the program, covering subjects like an introduction to shipping and terminology, international trade, “containerization”, vessel and cargo types, customs, shipping documents and many more.

Practical Training
As an SAIL Apprentice you will be deployed in all departments of the local agency organisation, (e.g. Customer Service, Finance, Sales and Operations to name but
a few), you will be trained on the job to get a deep insight into the respective field of work. In return, you will support the various team members in their daily work.

International Element
Since the shipping business is truly international, we feel it is important that our apprentices have the opportunity to gain experience at an international level. For this reason the program includes assignments that you will complete together with your fellow apprentices from other ONE Europe offices allowing you to experience collaboration on an international level. In addition the program includes trainings and short term deployments (of a some weeks) at various different locations throughout Europe.

The program is available in the following locations:
•The Netherlands

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be awarded a ONE Shipping Certificate.

Data limite: 2018/10/26

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